Womyn in Circle


Women sing healing power songs

Carien Wijnen & Rainbow Womyn Choir


This CD is the successor to the successful CD “Womyn With Wings”. Conducted by Carien Wijnen, it features 20 women from all over Germany, who came together to sing spirituals from many different countries, songs which honour the forces of nature, Mother Earth, and the divine. With interesting percussive accompaniment (ocean drum, trance drum, berimbao, caxixi) and with no artificial reworking, this CD was created over a period of two years.

The result is a collection of wonderful polyphonic singing, which inspires the listener to sing along and to meditate.

The first CD “Womyn With Wings”, which was released in 1995, was an overwhelming success. Again and again I received grateful letters from people, including many men, who were very moved by the album. There is apparently a great need for this music and for this kind of spiritual experience.

Singing is a simple and direct way to express feelings and creativity, and to experience meditation, something that is easily accessible to everyone.

Chanting (meditative singing) creates a space for the expression of emotional energy and connects us with the rhythm of our breathing, which forms an important part of spiritual experience. The overtone-filled sounds which arise in group singing are very powerful and lift us from our own individual experience onto another plane. We experience a connection with powers far greater than ourselves.

Sound is a powerful healing force; the energy of sound resonating in the organs of the body and in the soul can set healing processes in motion.

I am happy to be able to invite you to sing along with us. Have fun!


Womyn in circle


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01 Take me away
02 The earth is our mother
03 Now I walk in beauty
04 Spirit of the wind
05 Evening breeze
06 Yani Yoni Ya Hu Way Hey
07 We are the power
08 Holy mother
09 Every part of the earth
10 Return again
11 Hashiwenu
12 I am the circle
13 Round and round we go
14 Full Moonlight Dance
15 Kwaheri
16 May the circle be open

Runtime 58:42

Rainbow Woman Production
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