Womyn on Earth

Women sing healing power songs

Carien Wijnen & Rainbow Womyn Chor

April 2001


I am proud to present our 3rd CD with healing power songs.

Once again in this unique music project, women came together especially to sing songs from all over the world with joy and enthusiasm. The arangements of the songs were created in a group process under my direction.

Besides percussion instruments, this CD features guitar, flute, saxophone and monochord. Three great musicians enhanced the recording with their musical accompaniment, giving this CD a very special character.

The result of this cooperation is once more an exciting compilation of wonderful polyphonic singing. I am happy to invite you to sing along with us!



Womyn on Earth

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01 We are the daughters of the earth
02 Song for the earth
03 Power, we are calling
04 Yemaya
05 Firechild
06 Mother I feel you under my feet
07 Thy light is in all forms
08 Shalom
09 Oh Kraft der Weisheit
10 Kali Ma
11 Om Tare
12 I love what comes
13 Woke up this morning
14 Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen
15 Oh go in Beauty


Runtime 79:49

Rainbow Woman Production
Mail Order Department:  Gehler-Wolff


Bad Belzig (near Berlin)


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