I would like to present to you all my wonderful CD's.
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My albums are also available for on-demand streaming or digital purchase on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music, and other platforms.


        NEW! »Leben« - Dez. 2011

  • Womyn in Spirit - November 2009 / Updated Version September 2010

  • Home - April 2007

  • Oj Malina - 2003/2004

  • Womyn on Earth - April 2001

  • Womyn in Circle - August 1997

  • Womyn with Wings - 1995

    As of November 2017, all previously released Albums are available Digitally for Streaming or Download on the following platforms:

    - Spotify
    - Itunes
    - Google Play
    - Apple Music
    - Amazon Prime Music
    - Juke
    - Groove
    - Deezer


The designation 'Rainbow Woman Production ®' is copyrighted by myself as brand name

since 2000.



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