Oj Malina

Songs from all over the world
Carien Wijnen & Women’s Choir Chorabella, Berlin

2003 / 2004

Dear listeners,

From 1998 to 2007, I conducted the women’s choir 'Chorabella' in Berlin, and sang songs from all over the world with them. The different types of polyphony, the varying rhythms typical of  different cultures and the wide range of vocal styles has fascinated me for a long time, a fascination that I would like to pass on in the form of these recordings. 

For this Album we selected wonderful songs from Russia, from several different Balkan countries, Italy, Spain, South Africa, and Israel. 

Let us take you on a journey where you can experience the melismas (rapid tonal shifts) in a song like "Wetscherjai Rado", the 7/8 rhythm in “Jovano, Jovanke” and the dramatic folk songs from Italy with Annunziata Matteucci.

These songs have themes of love and longing, oceans and rivers, village life, belief and hope, autumn and winter, peace and freedom.

We do not claim to have reproduced the songs in their original style, but we did put a great deal of effort into authentic pronunciation. We let our own musical ideas flow into the music. We hope you enjoy listening (and singing along to!) the songs.

Oj Malina

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01 Wetscherjai Radio
02 Otdawali Molodu
03 Te rjekal
04 Oj Savice
05 Jovano, Jovanke
06 Plovi barko
07 Kolikomi
08 Što mi e milo
09 Zaspo Janko
10 Rosa Rosella
11 All´arie
12 Ay linda amiga
13 Schilf bleicht
14 Shalom aleichem
15 Lo Yisa Goy
16 Freedom is coming
17 Noyana
18 Siyahamba


Runtime: 57:27

Rainbow Woman Production
Mail Order Department:  Gehler-Wolff


Bad Belzig (near Berlin)


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