Product Information


Information on Carien Wijnen‘s CDs , which are released under her own label, 'Rainbow Woman Productions'.


*The Womyn Series


The Womyn CDs are beautiful recordings of ritual songs and world music, created by a women’s choir (project choir) with Carien Wijnen as leader and soloist. The recordings with instrumental accompaniment were made in churches with special acoustics.
All the Womyn CDs are inspirations to sing along.
The following CDs have been released in this series so far:

•   1995 „Womyn with Wings

•   1998 „Womyn in Circle

•   2001 „Womyn on Earth

•   2009 „Womyn in Spirit


A further Womyn CD, “ Womyn in Heart”, is in its planning stages.


Oj Malina / World Music


Up to now the CD “Oj Malina” is the only available recording with the women’s choir “Chorabella”. It was also recorded in a church. The choir “Chorabella”, conducted by Carien Wijnen, was a co-operation of women from East and West Berlin from 1998 to 2007. The CD is a fascinating collection of songs from different countries in different languages with a wonderful polyphonic sound. The CD also features Annunzita Matteucci as a special guest, and reflects the many different cultures living in Berlin together 


                       *Solo albums “Home“ and “Leben“


These CDs were recorded in Berlin music studio Audiocue. Here Carien Wijnen acts as the solo singer, and is accompanied by professional musicians.

·       2007 “Home” : In this album, Carien Wijnen covers jazz songs, including some long-forgotten gems in English and an original composition in Dutch.

·       2011 “Leben”: This collection of mostly original compositions by Carien Wijnen has moving lyrics in Dutch, German and English.