Womyn in Spirit

Women sing healing power songs

Carien Wijnen and the Rainbow Womyn Choir

Nov 2009 / Updated Version 2010


SPIRIT is breath, mind, soul, life-force, the divine. I would like to dedicate this CD to life and to my survival. Thank you!

I am happy to present you this fourth CD of healing power songs in the Rainbow Womyn Series. Our group came together once again with great pleasure and enthusiasm especially to record these chants, mantras, and songs from all over the world. The Album contains two Gospel songs with piano accompaniment (one of them an original composition of mine called God’s Children), as well as four solo songs sung by me.

The Rainbow Womyn Choir is a project choir, consisting of different women for each album. The record is enhanced by 5 musicians, whose skillful accompaniment is greatly appreciated. Once again, combined efforts of band and musicians have resulted in an exciting blend of polyphonic voices. All those involved wish you a lot of fun listening to -and singing along with- these wonderful songs!


Womyn in Spirit





01 Come Holy Spirit
02 Atemlied
03 Aye Kerunene
04 Lieder Der Erde
05 Ide weré nita Ochún
06 If the people lived their lives
07 Take me as I am ( ab Sept 2010 statt Elementenlied)
08 Sending you light
09 How could anyone
10 Shaddai
11 Baba Nam Kevalam
12 Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu
13 Spirit I love you
14 Gottes Kinder
15 Spirit Healer










Runtime: 73:37

Rainbow Woman Production
Mail Order Department  Gehler-Wolff


Bad Belzig

(near Berlin)


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